Basic Frame

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It' s the project created by Davide Nannini & Alessio Mascia. A musical bush, naturally grown up along its makers.

Davide has run many projects at the same time.
Djing and Live for years across different platforms, purposes and technologies.
He has spent more nights than days in sound manipulation, waves triggering, sonic states.

Alessio is a "record junkie"; vinyls, cds or usb-sticks, does not matter. Deeply rooted in dj culture, with a clear inclination towards the dancefloor.

Both devoted to sound, they've always gravitated in the same galaxy, far away from fixed points, where they discovered a common sense of art.

During 2015 they decide to overlap their visions. After collecting many jams in studio, they forge the idea. Mainly focus on hypnotic textures, grooviness anagrams & punch. The territory is definitely Techno, vast and savage.

Same trace in their Live performances: Powerful sets played with decks, samplers, laptop and machines. An intense journey, through lots of unpredictable paths.

In the same year, they release "Interlocked EP" for Black Brook.
The first official brainchild by Basic Frame, is well received by various artist and played in their sets.
During early 2016 they get noticed by EPM Music, with which they release their second work.
3 tracks, which confirm their attitude for pure, underground Techno.

Now the energy rebound back and forward, it' s time to push the engines. They close the door of the studio, and open the source of their feelings. This bracket in space and time, generate a bounce of new material already out on Counter Pulse, Labrynth and Alleanza.

Meanwhile, they keep pushing their artistic project ,playing live and producing tracks.

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