Jason Fernandes


Jason Fernandes could be called a self-taught producer, a London-born techno and electronic musician, or a DJ. He prefers the simple term: artist, or yet more personally accurate, a being of this planet who manages to maintain a creative, expressive contribution to the world. He feels that the constructed and fictitious reality around us rarely leaves a moment for a person to express themselves and that the most important thing that we all often forget to do is be ourselves.

Jason has been developing a versatile, self-mirroring and individual sound, which can range from a rich and mighty storm of layers and textures to compelling, profound and unorthodox grooves. 

A deep thinker, Jason grew up a fairly solitary creature. He was genetically predisposed and generally influenced to be highly creative by his family. Such circumstances lead to expression through some art form - in this case music.

Not entirely satisfied with one instrument, Jason spent several years honing his musical approach via electronic music production. It was then that he teamed up with The Advent & Hugo Paixao to co-found a joint label: Skyline Type Grooves. The label has since provided an unexampled, solid, groove-heavy techno catalog since 2010. 

Later down his path - and with a large collection of music for which there seemed no home - Jason started his own label, Subfigure, in 2012. This provided a platform for his personal and expressive output. Techno peers - including the mighty Carl Cox - have since championed this approach. Today, The Advent, one of Techno’s most enduring artists, continues to collaborate with Jason, providing a seasoned and respected yet raw and innovative consolidation. 

Jason Fernandes is a prime example of a music producer who, through thousands of studio hours honing his craft, has come from the unknown to being a well-respected artist in his own right.

With over 300 published electronic music productions, half a million Youtube and Soundcloud plays, successfully organised label events under his belt and his own podcast with 100,000 plays to date there seems to be no stopping this man.

Jason Fernandes continues to pioneer his own ambience and holds no artistic barriers in his barrage of powerful, primal, soulful, melodic and often unearthly techno orientated productions. 

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