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8 Years of Alleanza Radio!

Updated: May 14, 2019

A look-back at one of the most popular techno radio shows, with 8 years of weekly episodes under its belt.

8 years on, and Alleanza Radio Show is still going strong. With it’s first show airing back in December 2011, the first few episodes showcased only top names such as Kaiserdisco, Hermanez, Karotte, Mauro Picotto, Stephan Bodzin, Pig&Dan, Cari Lekebusch , Christian Smith and Bart Skils. The radio show was hosted by label owner Jewel Kid, and was exclusively picked up by Ibiza’s top Radio Station - Ibiza Global Radio. After two years of airing solely for IGR and wanting to expand to more listeners Alleanza took the show global, and syndicated to over 150 radio stations, making it one of the most techno podcasts listened to. 

Today, listeners have seen a slight change in the show, which is no longer hosted by Jewel Kid, who decided to focus on other projects, and give the radio show guests more importance. Still techno based - the show can still be listened to on global radio stations, and also downloaded from Alleanza’s Soundclound and iTunes channels. Expect nothing short from some of the best names, and featuring artists who have released on the label, and much more. 

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