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Catching up with Mr.Bizz

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

With their new single just released on Alleanza, we catch up with the Italian duo to see what's cooking in their studio

Hey guys! nice to see you back on Alleanza. You have a new single coming out shorty - tell us some more about the single

Hey Hey! we are very happy to back on Alleanza, we love your stuff and we are proud to release again with you!

The single Spectrum represents our concept of techno! On the track we have added old and new sounds from akai, and roland, these sounds give to the track a vintage touch too! We are in love with this track!

Some fans are interested in how you handle music production when you’re a duo - how is studio time spent?

Our studio is small and simple! We make music together and we share every day our ideas! Our minds are always connected between them. We choose the sounds together, and we work together until the end of the track.

We’ve seen some recent changes in your music - have you changed your studio setup, or does it reflect how you have evolved in the past years?

Our setup is the same, but we choose different sounds! we think that change is a natural process and that it always does good. We don’t follow the music of the moment, we make music for us and we are happy if the people like our music! Thanks for your support

Check out the latest release here , or on Beatport

Karotte - great track from the boys. like it.

Dax J - Great release, thanks!

Kyle Geiger - Nice AM vibes for my longer sets!

Gregor Tresher - Sounds like a proper Summer hit! Will play.

Loco & Jam - This is really cool! Gonna play this for sure!

Mr. Bizz on Alleanza Radio

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