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Inside of ... 0010X0010

Wondering what his stage name means and how to pronounce? We sit down with 0010X0010 after his recent Alleanza release and find out

First of all, cause we know alot of people want to know this - how do you pronounce your stage name, and what does it mean? My stage name 0010x0010 is Binary Code for 2x2 , my birthday (February second). It's not to be pronounced :) Some people spell it out in full and some that know the meaning call me Two Two or Two Two Binary. You’ve just released an EP on Alleanza called Inside of You - What’s the title name all about? :) The suggestive title ( I know many people get dirty thoughts haha) was done purposely, but the idea behind it was that when music really touches you, you feel it trembling "inside of you". When I recorded the main line of the track , I got that feeling and I hope others feel it too. In your own words, how would you describe this release?

This EP is my first release on Alleanza and it was recorded mostly in Hong Kong and Amsterdam. I finished it in Los Angeles and while finishing it, it brought back memories of the recording locations. All those elements make this a special release for me.

Check out 0010X0010's latest mix on Alleanza Radio here :

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